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This is where our journey begins!
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Casual reminder. 98% of the time, I’m totally cool with memes getting turned into threads.

BUT! Please copy and paste it into a new text post. Please don’t reblog the ask itself.

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"The Lumas go from time to time, but they mostly stay to tend to the Observatory when I’m gone. It’s often that I offer to take them with me, but they insist on tending to things here." She sighed softly at the Lumas floating around the observatory.  They were often very stubborn, even when it came to having fun.

"Oh…" She felt sympathy for the princess as she understood her.

"Well, no need to worry about that!" she said, smiling and winking with her finger in the air.

She blinked as a question popped into her head. She asked with an eager look on her face, “Can you show me around this observatory? If that’s okay with you, of course! I’m just eager to look around.”

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New World » Open RP


Quite funny, because it seemed that Starlight had been nearby as well. As he walked through the woods, he could see that someone else was there too. “Hmm?”

Aha, it seemed like it had been an alternate of him. Oh well, time to say hello! “You alright there?” he asked, resting his hand against a tree, “Are you lost?”

"Hmm?" His attention was drawn to his alternate. With a smile, he turned to him and greeted, "Oh, hey! I don’t really know what this place is, so I guess you can say I am”

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IF you see me replying to everyone’s thread but yours


It is for one of these reasons

  • I dont have the muse for that thread at the moment
  • I didnt see your reply
  • I haven’t gotten to it yet
  • I dont know what to write
  • Im dumb
  • Aliens

It is never because

  • I hate you
  • I’m ignoring you
  • you are a bad role player.

Are we clear?


I love you all!

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"But… how is he moving?" Christina asked, after she moved her finger away from the giant snowman.

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New World » Open RP

Sonic searched the area he was warped to, in hopes of finding out where he was. The transporter randomized where he was going. “Wonder where I ended up,” he wondered to himself.

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Wandering Star ✯ Open RP

"Where did I end up now?" Christina asked herself, observing the area she was in. She had a wrist watch to help her transport to different worlds, just in case. She was glad that Tails was a handy friend.

She began to explore the place. “It would have helped if there was someone here to tell me where I am. There might be, though,” she said.

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Rosalina’s eyes twinkled with joy. “Of course. Bring as many friends as you like.  I am very excited that someone as chosen to accompany me  It has been many, many years since I taken a guest.”  She smiled to herself.  Even though the Lumas kept her company, she did get quit lonely from time to time.

She blinked. “It has? Why don’t you take these guys with you?” She gestured to the Lumas floating some feet away.

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yo this is a reminder that if you ever come up with a neat idea for our muses to interact - whether it’s canon or au - talk to me about it because chances are I will be 500% down to do the thing

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Send me “Extra hour in the ball pit” for my muses reaction to yours suddenly shoving them into the ball pit at Dashcon!
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